Tennessee Vols 2017 Season

Going in to this year I thought Tennessee would struggle with it’s inexperienced group of players, 2-Seniors, 5-Juniors, 9-Sophomores and 8-Freshmen. I should have known though that co-head coaches Ralph and Karen Weekly would do their jobs and coach the team up.

The Vols ended up this season 48-12 overall, 16-7 in the SEC, 27-6 at home, 10-4 away and 16-10 vs. Top 25 teams.

I thought the team’s pitching might be a little sparse this season due to the loss of seniors Erin Gabriel and Rainey Gaffin but Sophomore Matty Moss 1.76 ERA , 26-3 and Freshmen Caylan Arnold 2.01 ERA, 20-9 stepped up and did a very good job of carrying the team’s pitching load.

Those pitchers got help from the team’s offense that averaged 6.37 runs per game. Meghan Gregg hit the cover off of the ball in her senior season with a .437 BA, 15 HR and 79 RBI’s. Other big bats included Brooke Vines .385 BA and Aubrey Leach .333 BA.

Tennessee got to host a regional round winning against Longwood 5-0 and USC 7-3 and then Longwood again 3-0 to move on to the Super Regionals to face Texas A&M. They won the opening game 8-1 but then lost the next two games, 5-6 and 3-5 to be eliminated from the playoffs.


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