College Softball News First Season Report

I thought it would be interesting to share with you a few facts about our first season of the site now that a 2017 Champion has been crowned and college softball takes a break for a few months.

When this site first started we were only averaging 20-30 visitors a day but have grown to our most recent stats showing an average of over 100 visitors a day with the views per day in the 300-400 range. I know it may sound small by big site standards but with our very limited advertising to get the word out about the site I’m happy with those numbers.

Our best month was May 2017 with an explosion of 3.7k views and 2,400 visitors on one single day in the month. My stats aren’t detailed enough to show me why the big spike for that particular day.

Also I was surprised to see all the people who have visited the site from different countries. While most are from the USA, over the first year the site has also received visits from the following countries; Canada, Russia, Mexico, Denmark, Tanzania, United Kingdom, India, Hong Kong, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Poland, France and Italy.

That’s the positive stuff on the down side I was hoping to be able to bring several writers onboard to help me out with some of the writing but no luck so far. I was also hoping to expand the amount of teams covered but I had to mainly stick to SEC teams and a few other select teams. I’m now in the process of figuring out what the plan is for next year’s season when it starts and what teams I’ll be able to cover on the site.

I also want to take the time to thank all the media people who have helped me over this first year of the site. Also the SEC media relations group and the Pac-12 media group who came onboard around playoff time.

Lastly a special shout out to the three coaches who were kind enough to give me an interview for on the site. They are Mike Smith (Ole Miss), Jo Evans (Texas A&M) and Rachel Lawson (Kentucky).

I hope that you continue to visit our site and spread the word to all your fellow softball fans/players/coaches about us.

Even though the season is over I have several thoughts in my mind of different stories for on the site to keep us going with new postings until next season starts.

Thanks for your time and happy softball.


CW Ross


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