First Team

Pos. Player School

Pitcher Kelly Barnhill University of Florida

Pitcher Sarah Groenewegen University of Minnesota

Pitcher Danielle O’Toole University of Arizona

Catcher Kendyl Lindaman University of Minnesota

First Base Jessie Harper University of Arizona

Second Base Hannah Flippen University of Utah

Third Base Jessie Warren Florida State University

Shortstop DJ Sanders University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Outfield Bailey Landry Louisiana State University

Outfield Aleah Craighton University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Outfield Amanda Lorenz University of Florida

Utility/Pitcher Megan Good James Madison University

DP or Utility/Non-Pitcher Sahvanna Jaquish Louisiana State University

At Large/Shortstop Meghan Gregg University of Tennessee

At Large/Pitcher Jessica Burroughs Florida State University

At Large/Pitcher Alexis Osorio University of Alabama

At Large Delanie Gourley University of Florida

At Large Nikki Udria University of Oregon

Second Team

Pitcher Megan Betsa University of Michigan

Pitcher Megan Kleist University of Oregon

Pitcher Randi Rupp Texas State University

Catcher Jenavee Peres San Diego State University

First Base Shay Knighten University of Oklahoma

Second Base Caleigh Clifton University of Oklahoma

Third Base Katiyana Mauga University of Arizona

Shortstop Morgan Zerkle Marshall University

Outfield Lea Foerster Michigan State University

Outfield Morgan Klaevemann Florida State University

Outfield Kelly Christner University of Michigan

Utility/Pitcher Sierra Hyland California Polytechnic State University

DP or Utility/Non-Pitcher Kendra Lynch University of North Carolina

At Large/Utility/Pitcher Rachel Garica University of California, Los Angeles

At Large/Pitcher Paige Parker University of Oklahoma

At Large/Shortstop Mo Mercado University of Arizona

At Large/Third Base Lindsey Cargill Baylor University

At Large/Pitcher Emily Watson University of Tulsa

Third Team

Pitcher Allie Walljasper Louisiana State University

Pitcher Kaylee Carlson Auburn University

Pitcher McKenna Bull Brigham Young University

Pitcher Jordan Dixon Marshall University

Catcher Chloe Miller University of Wisconsin

First Base Alex Powers Florida State University

Second Base Faith Canfield University of Michigan

Third Base Riley Sartain Texas A&M University

Shortstop Lilli Piper Ohio State University

Outfield Cortni Emanuel University of Georgia

Outfield Nicole Evans University of Illinois

Outfield Danica Mercado University of Oregon

Utility/Pitcher Sydney O’Hara Syracuse University

DP or Utility/Non-Pitcher Vanessa Shippy Oklahoma State University

At Large/Shortstop Emily Lochten Florida Atlantic University

At Large/First Base Kayli Kvistad University of Florida

At Large/Shortstop Katie Reed University of Kentucky

At Large/First Base Jessica Twaddle Murray State University

At Large/Shortstop Ali Aguilar University of Washington


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