And Then There Was Eight Teams Left

After a long weekend of Super Regionals play we now have the eight teams that will be meeting in Oklahoma City at the 2017 NCAA Div.1 Women’s Softball World Series.

The eight teams are made up of, 3 SEC teams, 3 Pac-12 teams and 2 Big 12 teams.

2017 WCWS (Double Elimination)

Bracket 1: Florida ,Texas A&M, UCLA and LSU.
Bracket 2: Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma and Baylor.

In opening day play it will be:

#1 seed Florida vs. Texas A&M would seem like things would lean towards Florida with their ace pitchers but I’ve had a feeling all year that Texas A&M was ready to go all the way. The only thing that worries me is in the playoffs so far the Aggies have fallen behind early and had to battle back and I’m not sure they’ll be able to do that against Florida who knows how to hold a lead. Also even though Aggies pitcher Trinty Harrington is in the groove fellow hurler Samantha Show hasn’t seemed like she’s playing her best ball now either in the circle or in the batters box.

UCLA vs. LSU is a match up of Pac-12 vs. SEC with two teams that are familiar with playing in the WCWS. UCLA’s Rachel Garcia has been stunning with her pitching this year. While LSU is the team that just when your ready to write them off puts together comebacks to win the games they need to win. They also have a strong pitching staff with Walljasper and Hoover anchoring it. LSU reminds me of the late great Oakland Raiders football owner Al Davis who use to tell his teams to, “just win baby.” I think LSU has that same attitude.

Oregon vs. Washington matches up two top Pac-12 teams. When they met earlier this season Washington had Oregons number but we all know that things are different when it’s playoffs time. I still like Washington to though with their ability to put up lots or runs at anytime needed in the game and there pitching (sophomore Taran Alvelo ) has become better as the season has progressed along.

The remaining two Big 12 team are Baylor who will be going up against defending champions Oklahoma. Baylor impressed me with their Super Regionals series win over Arizona. They kept fighting and never gave up to win. I thought Oklahoma would lose in their Super Regionals against Auburn but they showed that championship fight and won their series with their pitching duo of Paige Parker and Paige Lowary that shut down Auburn’s bats.


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