Recap of Inagural NISC Event Problems

In it’s first-year the National Invitational Softball Championship (NISC) had a rough time.

Originally planned as a forty-team tournament the organizers were unable to secure enough teams so it ended up being only a 26 teams tournament.

Next the tournament had to deal with weather problems including rain that played a controversial part in determining the eventual winner of the tourney.

Lamar University (Southland Conference) and Liberty University (Big South Conference) were the last two teams
standing and this is where the controversy comes in because when the championship game was in the top of the sixth inning, Lamar scored four runs to take the lead 5-3 but in the bottom half of the inning, the game was halted due to rain with two outs and two runners on base for Liberty.

After a nineteen-minute rain delay tournament officials declared the field unplayable and called the game. Then citing NCAA rules, they determined that the game score would revert back to the last fully-completed inning. So the game officially ended with a 3-1 Liberty victory since they were ahead in the 5th inning. Needless to say Lamar was not happy with the controversial decision.

It’s hard to believe that Triple Crown Sports who ran the tournament and has a long history of putting on fine softball events blew this one so bad. If there’s gonna be a second year for the tournament the problems that nagged this years event need to be addressed.


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