2017 NCAA Super Regionals Picks

Here’s my thoughts on this years Super Regionals games.

Gainsville Super Regionals: Florida vs. Alabama

Both teams have shutdown pitchers. Florida has Kelly Barnhill 0.35 ERA & 310 strikeouts, Delanie Gourley 0.71 ERA and Aleshia Ocasio 1.17 ERA. While Alabama has hard throwing strikeout pitcher Alexis Osorio 1.23 ERA & 316 strikeouts and Sydney Littlejohn 1.33 ERA. While Florida has a .308 batting average with 46 home runs with Alabama’s only being .280 with 37 home runs. I’m taking Florida to win the series in several low scoring games.

Knoxville Super Regionals: Tennessee vs. Texas A&M

Tennessee is playing at home and have solid pitching from sophomore Matty Moss and freshmen Caylan Arnold and hot bats from Meghan Gregg and Brooke Vines. Even though Tennessee is 26-4 at home this year and ranked higher then Texas A&M I still have this feeling that Texas A&M is gonna win this series. They have triple threat pitching from Samantha Show, Trinty Harrington and Lexi Smith. Show is also swinging a big bat along with Tori Vidales.

Los Angeles Super Regionals : UCLA vs.Ole Miss

I can’t go against the dream team of Ole Miss who seems like a team of destiny this year as long as pitcher Kaitlin Lee can continue working her magic on opposing team batters. It wouldn’t be a shocker to me either though if UCLA took it in two straight games since their playing at home.

Tallahassee Super Regionals: Florida State vs. LSU

LSU is one of those teams that always finds a way to win come playoff time. If your playing them you better be sure to put the last shovel of dirt on their graves otherwise they’ll dig themselves out and end up burying you. Still against my better judgement I’m gonna pick Florida State with their pitching duo of Jessica Burroughs & Meghan King and a power hitting batting lineup that can put lots of runs on the scoreboard quickly.

Eugene Super Regionals: Oregon vs. Kentucky

Oregon has had a few stumbles at the end of their season but I think they’re back on track and their bats came to life in the regionals. They have a good pitching staff made up of freshmen, Maggie Balint and Miranda Elish along with sophomore Megan Kleist. Kentucky has Meagan Prince along with Erin Rethlake handeling their pitching duties while Abbey Cheek has provided the team’s hitting power. Even though the Wildcats are a talented team I’m taking Oregon to win the series.

Seattle Super Regionals: Washington vs. Utah

I haven’t gotten to see either of these teams play much this year so it’s a tough one to pick. But from what I seen in the regionals both are capable of getting lots of runs when needed. Washington’s sophomore Taran Alvelo has been called on this year to handle most of the team’s pitching duties while Ali Aguilar has been providing loads of hitting for them. While Utah has used a three prong attack to handle their pitching duties this year using Miranda Viramontes, Katie Donovan and Hailey Hilburnand. With both teams being in the PAC-12 they have met before with Washington taking all three games in the series. Considering that and the fact that they are playing at home I look for Washington to win the series.

Auburn Super Regionals: Auburn vs. Oklahoma

Oklahoma just squeezed by in a pretty weak Norman Regional to advance and could have easily been gone from the tournament. So it’s been a shaky start for them this playoff season so far and things don’t get any easier when they travel to play Auburn. Auburn isn’t playing their best ball of the season either right now but I still think they’ll take care of Oklahoma.

Tuscon Super Regionals: Arizona vs. Baylor

This should be a good series to watch. I’m looking for low scoring games with home run balls maybe deciding game outcomes. Arizona pitcher Danielle O’Toole has been lights out with her pitching this year and home run hitter Katiyana Mauga continues to hit the stuffing out of the ball. Mauga now has 91 home runs becoming the Pac-12’s new all-time home run leader and now just four short of tying the NCAA’s all-time home run record held by former Oklahoma Sooner Lauren Chamberlain. Kelsee Selman & Gia Rodoni handle the majority of the pitching for Baylor while Lindsey Cargill, Shelby Friudenberg and Kyla Walker lead the team in hitting. I look for Arizona to win this series and move on.

That’s my thoughts on the games. Agree? Disagree? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


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