2017 NCAA Tournament Regionals Update

As always the action is fast and always changing with so many games being played in such a short amount of time.

As of the time I writing this here are a few of the things I’d like to mention.

1.The SEC record for Thurs/Friday games is 10-4.
2.Pac-12 teams are off to a good start.
3.No-hitters were being thrown everywhere on Friday.
Delanie Gourley (Florida Gators)
Alex Stewart (Ragin Cajuns)
Gia Rodoni (Baylor)
Rachel Garcia (UCLA)
Taran Alvelo (Washington)
4.A lot of the games went into extra innings.
5.On Friday Ole Miss get a 8-0, run-rule victory over Southern Illinois in its first game of the NCAA Oxford Regional in front of a record crowd of 1,677. It marks the largest single-game crowd in school history, and the largest home crowd for a Mississippi team in the state’s history.
6.Utah became the first team to move on the Supers with a 14-0 win over BYU Cougars on Saturday.
7.Defending champions Oklahoma almost got knocked out of the tourney with a loss to NDSU but then got a very tough win against Arkansas.
8.Arizona is cruising along in its Tucson Regional thanks to pitcher Danielle O’Toole and power hitter Katiyana Mauga
who got home run #91.
9. A shout out to Saint Francis who defeated New Mexico State in the loser’s bracket game on Saturday 8-4. The
victory was the first NCAA Tournament win for the school in any sport. They got eliminated from the tourney though with their second loss to South Carolina.
10. Minnesota seems to be cursed this year after a great regular season and first not getting a hosting seeding in the tournament then in their lose Saturday night in a very questionable ball call that walked in the winning run for Alabama.


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