The Incident: Haley vs. Walton

Up until Monday night the series between Florida and Auburn was gonna be talked about as a good series that ended with a pitching duel in which Auburn finally was able to break the Florida curse and win a game there.

Then came the end of the game and the usual high hand slaps between players congratulating each other for a good
game played but when Gators coach Tim Walton and Auburn shortstop Haley Fagan got together things went wrong.

Depending on who you believe it was either an intentional snub move by one of the participants or simply an innocent accident.

Video of the incident shows Fagan with her hand down and coach Walton appearing to not notice and his hand slightly
pushes her shoulder. Fagan reacts immediately by turning around and pushes Walton on his back. He turns around and the two exchange some words. For a few seconds things seem calmed down then someone off of camera must have said something because Fagan becomes enraged again and begins yelling at someone off camera while she’s restrained by Auburn teammates Casey McCrackin and Jenna Abbott.

As of this writing Coach Walton has decided to take the high road in regards to the incident by releasing an apology about the incident while Fagan has remained tight lipped.

A little background to the story is the fact that there is some known bad blood between coach Walton and the Fagan family. Haley’s older sisters, Sami and Kasey both had played for coach Walton and the Gators but were dismissed by him in 2012 just hours before the 2012 NCAA Tournament.

One thing is for sure with a sport that’s pushing to get noticed in the crowded college sports field they did just that as the video of the incident quickly hit a lot of the major sports networks along with even mainstream news and press outlets.

The sad thing is instead of people talking about Auburn’s 1-0 win over Florida they’re talking about the end of game


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