2017 SEC Predictions

Here’s my quick thoughts on this years SEC teams and my predictions on how I think they’ll finish 2017 in the SEC.

1. Florida- How do you pick against this team with the pitching staff they have back again for this year.
2. Texas A&M- I look for them to surprise a lot of teams this year. They are loaded with lots of talent that’s ready to explode this season.
3. LSU- Solid team that always seems to get it done when they need to in the end.
4. Kentucky- This team has been getting better and better each year. If their pitching can hold together I’m looking for big things from them this season.
5. Auburn- I know people are thinking I’m nuts putting Auburn so low but last year it was all about putting up lots of runs to win games and this year they might not have the power hitters they need to do that.
6. Alabama- They have good pitching and could win a lot of close games. Power hitting might be a problem though in winning high scoring games.
7. Missouri- If things start out fast for them I could see the team having a really good year and end up in the top three instead of here in 7th place.
8. Georgia- They lost several key players from last years team but still have a nice core left to help them win games.
9. Tennessee- There might be problems with not enough good pitching this year for them.
10. Mississippi- This team is one on the way up getting better year by year but their problem is playing in this tough conference which is stacked with many of the best teams in the country.
11. South Carolina- A solid team but not enough there yet to move up higher.
12. Mississippi State- Another solid team but in this conference you need to be super talented to rise up to the top half.
13. Arkansas- Improving team but they still need some more time to put in place the puzzle pieces they’ll need to be in the conferences top group of teams.


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