Who to Choose, Hitter or Pitcher?

Here’s my question if your coaching a softball team what would you want more, a shutdown pitcher or a power hitter to build your team around?

After much thought I think I would take the pitcher. A good pitcher can keep even a bad team in just about any game. If the other team doesn’t score you can’t lose. Plus I’ve seen a lot of average hitting teams ride on the back of a great pitcher to have good seasons.

On the reverse side even if you have a power hitter that can almost guarantee you runs each game if you don’t have that good pitcher to shut down the other team your still likely to lose games.

In the SEC both ways have proven successful for teams. On the hitting side the best example is Auburn who finished the season in the top 5 of almost hitting related category and 2nd in home runs (86).

On the pitching side Florida has to be the best example of how to win with pitching. The team ended the season with an amazing 0.93 ERA. They also lead the SEC with 538 strikeouts.

So either way can work depending on your coaching style.

I would be remissed if I didn’t mention the slappers too. Good slappers and all that speed on the bases can make things happen quickly too in a game.

What’s your thoughts on hitter vs. pitcher? Any slapper fans out there?


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