Tennessee Softball’s Sherri Parker Lee Stadium

Sherri Parker Lee Stadium. Photo By Andrew Bruckse/ Tennessee Athletics
Sherri Parker Lee Stadium. Photo By Andrew Bruckse/ Tennessee Athletics

Being a Northern who likes watching the predominately Southern located SEC softball most of the games I get to see are either on the Internet or TV. While watching the games from the comfort of my couch I find myself enjoying the little quirks that I see at a lot of the stadiums where the teams play the games.

One example that I remember is the first time I watched a home Tennessee softball game on TV from Sherri Parker Lee Stadium. I enjoyed the quirky sight of a coal loaded freight train going by on the railroad tracks located not too far from the stadium’s outfield fence as the game was being played.

I almost expected to hear the Johnny Cash song, “Folsom Prison Blues”, blaring from the stadium’s pa system with its lyrics like, “I hear the train a comin’ / It’s rollin’ ’round the bend.”

It brought many questions to my mind like:

1-Has anyone ever hit a home run that landed inside one of the train cars?
2-Had the train engineer (I’m guessing a Tennessee fan) ever blown the whistle to startle the opposing team’s pitcher?
3-Is this train just a campus train or a regular route track that the stadium was built around?

I know unusual questions related to a softball stadium but my inquisitive mind works that way. And if anyone out there knows the answers to my questions feel free to let me know the answers either in the comment section of this post or contact me directly.

The stadium itself offers state of the art features like it’s digital scoreboard, complete with video playback, VIP & hospitality areas for the press, 600 reserved chair-back seats and bleachers with back railings.

The stadium also offers many amenities for the players like a 7,000-square foot team room, whirlpools, training area, conference room, kitchen, 30-seat theater, trophy room and a recreation room where the players can relax. Along with a locker room that has full laundry facilities, a mud room, 24 large lockers, shower and bathroom facilities. The staff also has access to a private office with a separate locker room and shower and bath area.

Connected to the clubhouse you’ll find one of the largest batting cage facilities in the nation. It contains four 16-by-60 foot cages covered from the weather and featuring high-quality AstroTurf.


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