Tennessee Softball Press Conference

Colleges are back in session and the teams are back practicing and playing Fall ball which are all good signs for fans of the game.

Another ritual started this week with the first press conference of the new softball season from Tennessee softball co-head coaches Ralph & Karen Weekly.

“We’re excited about our team this year we have more depth then we’ve had in a lot of years, got a lot of good speed, we’ve got 8 of 9 starters back in the field. Our pitching is a question mark at this point in the season just because of experience. Only got one pitcher who has pitched any innings in SEC play” said Ralph Weekly.

He went on then to talk about the high hopes they have for transfer Alex Blake (Labette Community College) who is a two-time NJCAA pitcher of the year.

Co-head coach Karen Weekly talked about how their counting on returning pitcher Matty Moss to lead the staff while making sure she realizes that she doesn’t have to do it alone.

They also talked about the team this year being a mix of both speed and power hitters and how they look for the team to steal a lot a bases along with loads of home runs.


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