LSU 2016-17 Lineup

Here’s the 2016-17 LSU Softball Players roster that was recently posted on Twitter.

Aliyah Andrews (4) Outfield
Michal Cunningham (18) Catcher/Infielder
Nicky Dawson (10) Utility
Amanda Doyle (22) Infield
Maribeth Gorsuch (6) Pitcher
Emily Griggs (8) Outfield
Carley Hoover (21) Pitcher
Sahvanna Jaquish (2) Catcher/Infielder
Bailey Landry (26) Outfield
Sydney Loupe (13) Catcher
Randi Provost (20) Infield
Constance Quinn (5) Infield
Shemiah Sanchez (23) Infield
Taylor Satchell (11) Utility
Layna Savoie (1) Outfield
Amber Serrett (17) Infield
Sydney Smith (12) Pitcher/First Base
Sydney Springfield (15) Infield
Elyse Thornhill (9) Utility
Akiya Thymes (00) Outfield
Allie Walljasper (25) Pitcher
Claire Weinberger (24) Outfield



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