College Softball 101; The Basics

I know most of you know all the basic softball rules but with the sport growing new people are coming to the game that may not be familiar with the rules so this posting is for them.

Most people are familiar with baseball so I’ll relate things mostly to that as a reference point.

Baseball games are 9 innings long while softball games are usually only 7 innings. In softball there is a 8 run-rule. So if one team is 8 runs or more ahead of the other team after 5 innings the game is over and the team ahead wins.

In softball the ball is bigger and the bats are shorter.

In baseball the base lines (distance between the bases) is 90 feet but in softball there only 60 feet. So the action happens a lot quicker in softball.

In baseball when a runner is on base they can take a lead off the base and run anytime while in softball the runner can’t leave the base until the ball leaves the pitchers hand.

Baseball pitchers throw overhand while softball pitchers throw underhand. Baseball pitching mounds are elevated but softball mounds are not.

In softball the main pitches thrown by the pitchers are, fastball, change-up, curve ball, drop ball and rise ball.

There are two types of hitters in softball the usual full swing like found in baseball and the slappers. Instead of taking a full swing, the slap hitter runs toward the pitcher and tries to make contact by bunting or slapping at the ball. Most often the slapper is a speedy runner while power hitters are the full swing hitters.

That should give you a basic understanding of the game. The most important thing is to enjoy watching the game and to cheer your team on to victory.


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