Arkansas Razorbacks Softball

Now that the 2016 college softball season is over I’m gonna take a look at each team in the SEC and give you some of my thoughts on what next season might hold for them.

First up is the Arkansas Razorbacks who finished last in the SEC and most would say had a very disappointing season.

Arkansas Razorbacks Softball

You might think a team that finished their season with a 17-39 record and 1-23 in the SEC would be in pretty bad shape but I don’t see it that way. Will the Arkansas Razorbacks win the SEC soon? Probably not, but I do see a bright future
ahead for them.

Newcomer to the coaching helm at Arkansas Courtney Deifel has started the job of getting the team to believe in themeselves and start the process of building a winning tradition into the Arkansas softball program.

I got to watch a fair amount of the teams games on the SEC Network this past season and even though they had many problems like having to over use pitcher Grace Moll because the team didn’t have another good starter to help carry the load or the fact that they couldn’t get the key hits necessary to turn loses into wins. But the main thing I kept seeing over and over is that after 3 or 4 innings of good play when the team was in a close game it’s like they started doubting themselves and would start committing errors and making bad plays, like in their minds they starting over thinking things and got in the mindset that they were gonna lose the game.

When your losing all the time it’s easy for doubt to creep in but if coach Deifel can get the team to be like the train in the children’s story who changes from, “I think I can,” to repeatedly saying, “I know I can, I know I can,” then the next few seasons should start to go more their way.

Too bad for the team that they play in one of the toughest conferences in the nation that fact will impede their progress but I still looking for a steady upward progress from the team over the next several years.


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