The 2016 NCAA Division 1 Playoffs Continue With The Super Regionals Round

Here’s a breakdown of the remaining teams by conference.

SEC Teams- 6 (Florida, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Missouri)
Pac-12 Teams- 5 (Oregon, UCLA, Washington, Arizona, Utah)
ACC Teams- 1 (Florida State)
Big 12 Teams- 1 (Oklahoma)
Big 10 Teams- 1(Michigan)
CAA Teams- 1 (James Madison)
Sun Belt Teams- 1 (Louisiana–Lafayette)

I’m going to go through each game and give my thoughts on what I think is gonna happen in them.

#1Florida vs. #16Georgia – As it has been all this year Florida has been rolling through the tournament with it’s combination of great pitching and timely hitting. Georgia hasn’t been playing bad but Florida has just too much talent for them. In this match up of SEC powerhouses I look for Florida who will be playing at home to win this series.

#8Florida State vs. Utah – The hopes of the ACC are pinned on the conferences last remaining team in the championship chase Florida State. They will be taking on upstart Utah who got here by taking out #9 seed Kentucky. I like Florida State and their pitching lead by Jessica Burroughs. I’m picking Florida State to win this series.

#5Oregon vs. #12UCLA – This is a match up of Pac-12 teams. I’ve only gotten to see a few innings of UCLA play and a game or two of Oregon. From what I’ve seen I think Oregon will grab this series.

#4Auburn vs. Arizona – In this clash of SEC vs. Pac-12 I think Auburn’s solid pitching and hot bats will be too much for Arizona. I’m picking Auburn to win the series.

#3Oklahoma vs. #14Louisiana–Lafayette – I watched Louisiana–Lafayette go toe-to-toe with Texas A&M in the game that got them to this round. While on paper it looks like Oklahoma will win if I was gonna pick an upset it would be in this series. The Rajun Cajuns have that something extra that makes them play with that little bit extra magic in their step. I think Oklahoma pulls it out but it takes all 3 games to do it.

#6Alabama vs. #11Washington – In another SEC vs. Pac-12 series I’m backing Alabama. I like their pitching and timely hitting along with great coaching to win the series and move on.

#7James Madison vs. #10LSU – I haven’t got to see any play of James Madison but they made it this far so this must be pretty good. I’ve seen LSU play lots of games. This year has been up and down for them with long winning and losing streaks. They seem to have it together now and on the winning side of things so I’m taking them to win their series with James Madison.

#15Missouri vs. #2Michigan – In the regional round Missouri looked like a team on a mission. They had great pitching and timely hitting along with strong base running to win and move on to the Super Regionals round. They get to face #2 Michigan. I only seen a few of Michigan’s games but what I seen was nice pitching and strong bats so this is gonna be a tough series for Missouri to win but the team seems on a mission this year in support of their embattled head coach. I look for them to make it hard for Michigan but still pick Michigan to win the series.

So that’s my thoughts on the games. Feel free to leave yours in the comment’s section.


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